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2010 - Some favorites throughout the year
January and February

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February 13

More wrestling from the Rocking F Farm. The main featured the Boogie Woogie Man vs. Kamakazi Kid. See the whole gallery.
The Boogie Woogie Man and the Kamakazi Kid. Andy Griffin Photography.

February 6

Okay here is my attempt at an Out of Bounds (OOB) image. I figured I could practice on Michelle. Looks like I need more practice.
An OOB photo of Michelle. Andy Griffin Photography.

February 2

Happy Birthday Tracy.

An OOB version from the Food Lion Sledding pics of January 31.
Company Mill Waterfall decorated by Snow. Andy Griffin Photography.

February 1

Our Company Mill waterfall decorated by the weekend snow.
Company Mill Waterfall decorated by Snow. Andy Griffin Photography.

January 31

On a Sunday afternoon trip to the store we found a group Sledding at the Food Lion. Sledding at the Food Lion. It looked like a lot of fun.
Sledding in the January snow. Andy Griffin Photography.

January 30

"Four Friends on Sled" - We all enjoyed the snowfall and the kids did a bunch of sledding.
Sleddign in the January snow. Andy Griffin Photography.

January 27

Last night in the second game the SEMS boys also defeated the NEMS boys. It was a very tough, physical, exciting, close game. In this shot, one of SE's top players throws down a powerful dunk. See the other shots.
Southeast Middle School Basketball. Andy Griffin Photography.

January 26

Southeast Middle School Girls defeated Northeast Middle. Here is one of my favorite basketball players going in for the layup. She had a great game! It makes me proud every time she uses the backboard! See the other shots.
Southeast Middle School Basketball. Andy Griffin Photography.

January 25

The bucket boys also performed during half time of the UNCG vs Samford Basketball on January 16. These guys put on a very nice show. They have incredible timing and precision and make a great drum corp using plastic buckets.
The Bucket Boys at UNCG. Andy Griffin Photography.

January 24

UNCG G's Dance Team performs during half time of the UNCG vs Samford Basketball game on Saturday, January 23. A friend's daughter dances on the team.
UNCG G's Dance Team. Andy Griffin Photography.

January 23

Tabernacle Pee Wee Boys celebrate their first win of the season on this Saturday.
Pleasant Garden Youth Basketball Tabernacle Pee Wee Boys. Andy Griffin Photography.

January 17

The Tabernacle Senior Girls get advice and encouragement from coach Tim during a time out. They played well this game just came up 4 points short. Way to go girls!
Pleasant Garden Youth Basketball Tabernacle Senoir Girls. Andy Griffin Photography.

January 16

An inside view of the Dixie Grill where we stopped and had lunch. See other pictures from our Wilmington trip.
Inside the Dixie Grill in Wilmington, NC. Andy Griffin Photography.

January 15

A downtown Wilmington sidewalk on a cold December day. The sign on the right announces the "Dixie Grill" where we stopped for lunch.
Downtown Wilmington, NC. Andy Griffin Photography.

January 14

One last shot from the Dudley game. Here the cheerleaders perform during one of the time outs.
Southeat Guilford Falcons vs Dudley. Andy Griffin Photography.

January 13

Michelle had her wisdom teeth removed today. Not a good day for taking pictures so here is one from the Dudley vs SE game taken from the upper deck with a different perspective.
Southeat Guilford Falcons vs Dudley. Andy Griffin Photography.

January 12

The flag bearers saluting the flag during the Eagle Ceremony on Saturday. Congratulations to Brandon on a great achievement.
Eagle Scout Ceremony. Andy Griffin Photography.

January 11

On Saturday, I went to a terrific Eagle Scout Ceremony and took a bunch of photos. But on the way home I stopped at the Rocking F Farm to see what was going on. The folks from Traditional Carolina Wrestling has brought professional wrasslin' to Climax. These guys and one lady sure did put on a show. See the photos in the online gallery.
TCW Wrasslin' Photos from Rocking F Farm in Climax. Andy Griffin Photography.

January 10

Our youth put on a very emotional drama for Youth Sunday today. It was tough to watch Thomas going through so much and keep shooting pictures. They really did a great job.
Youth Sunday Drama photos on Andy Griffin Photography.

January 9

Well, Hello there!
I've never taken many bird photos before but at the beach in December birds and waves seemed to be the most available subjects. This little guy landed on a post at the Wilmington water front and posed so nice I had to take his picture.
Seagul on post Wilmington Water Front in December

January 8

Here's another shot from Thursday's games. In this photo Vandalia goes in for the layup. This was an excellent game by the Vandalia team. Congratulations to the guys who hung in there during the tough seasons of late and to the new guys. Looks like they are going to have a great season.
Vandalia Basketball player charges the hoop!  Basketball Photo by Andy Griffin Photography Sports Pictures

January 7

January 7 The Junior Boys played a game on Thursday January 7. In this shot (taken by mom - See, told you she was the best!) Tabernacle drives against Methodists. Tabernacle won the game and now stands at 2-0 in the early part of the season.
Tabernacle Drives against Methodists  alt=

January 6

Happy Birthday Mom. You are the Best!

On the last day of our trip to the beach, Tammy, Jeff, Caleb, Michelle and I drove up to Wilmington to see what was there. We visited UNCW, downtown Wilmington, and of course a bunch of bookstores. On the way back to Myrtle Beach we stopped at Southport's City Pier and took some photos. Here is the pier just as darkness was setting in for the night.
Andy Griffin Photography - Southport City Pier

January 5

Got to go to the Southeast vs Dudley basketball games on Tuesday. The place was packed and many where there to see Dudley's star junior Hairston. He is headed to Carolina in 2011. He put on a good show scoring 38 points and Dudley won the game convincingly. Dudley has quite a collection of good players on this squad and they should do very well this season. The Southeast Falcons played well in a very good effort but just could not match the size and talent of the Panthers.
PJ Hairston at Southeast Guilford by Andy Griffin Photography Sports Pictures

January 4

This photo was also taken last week during our beach trip.   These colorful crab baskets were stacked on the dock by the fishery.   We sure got our share of the crab legs.   We all went to my favorite seafood buffet, Captain Bennett's.   The crab legs great and everything else was good too.   If you are in the Myrtle Beach area and want some crab legs I highly recommend Bennett's.   We went early to save $40.00 - Early bird special was $4 off per person for the ten of us.   The kids decided the beach trip should become a Griffin tradition.   Sounds good to me!

January 3

This pelican was at the Little River, SC waterfront during our Christmas beach vacation last week.   I went looking for old fishing boats but this waterfront is nothing like the one I am used to in Beaufort, NC.   I was happy to get this shot and a few others of the birds plus some colorful crab baskets.

January 2

Went to the Holiday Basketball Tournament at First Christian Academy to watch the SE Girls play.   Took some photos of them and the other teams including some of the boys.   This was taken during the first semi-final game of the boys.   Congratulations to the SE Girls as they won the girls tournament.   See more of the tournament photos.
Basketball Photo by Andy Griffin Photography Sports Pictures

January 1

Each year, Michelle requires me to paint one of the rooms in the house.   It started with the foyer, then came the dining room, bed room, living room, and kitchen.   This year she decided it would be our bathroom.   While it wasn't a large room it was tough working around some of the fixtures and the tile.   Anyway, she decided on a purple color and she is happy with the results - which makes me happy too!.   Here is a photo and the my first post of the year to my new blog hear at Andy Griffin Photography.

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